• biostrasse

    A sustainable technology

    Biostrasse is an alternative solution to the use of carbon fossils, to combat climatic change, conserve the microclimate and as an antidote for the formation of heat islands. "environmental sustainability is the basis of economic sustainability: economic sustainability cannot be achieved without environmental sustainability." (khan, 1995)

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Biostrasse and the enviornment

The impermeabilisation of the ground due to the realisation of paved areas with products derived from carbon fossils does not permit sustainable management of rainwater, in addition to being one of the causes of hydro geological instability, thereby negatively influencing micro-climatic conditions. since paving realised with biostrasse is permeable, it favours the maintenance of the microclimate and does not compromise the life of the ground, which can continue to perform its function of capturing co2.

Biostrasse is currently the only technology that is certified as having "zero environmental impact". thanks to the total absence of plastic materials and carbon fossil derivatives, works realised with biostrasse release no harmful substances for man or the environment. while traditional road paving is spread at temperatures of 110-150° c, with a high consumption of energy, biostrasse is spread cold.

ecological characteristics

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    Is not classified as special waste

    Is not classified as special waste

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    Releases no harmful substances

    Releases no harmful substances

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    Does not alter the chemical composition of water

    Does not alter the chemical composition of water

comparative table of environmental characteristics

Comparative table of technical characteristics of Biostrasse and bitumen
Comparazione tra Bitume e Biostrasse
Environmental characteristics Biostrasse Bitumen
Has no labels or phrases indicating risks and/or for safety yes no
Ecological and sustainable yes no
Safe for workers and users yes no
Contains no petroleum derivatives yes no
Releases no dangerous fumes yes no
The colour can be reproduced even after a long period of time yes no
Can be used in S.C.I., Z.S.P. and S.P.Z. yes no
Actually drains water without altering its characteristics yes no
Can be laid with no limits in areas with environmental restrictions yes no
Favours the leed certification of the green building council yes no
Is not classified as special waste yes no
Can be re-used yes no(*)
Can be laid with no limits in areas with environmental restrictions yes no
(*) only with bitumen