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    An Innovative technology

    Biostrasse is the innovative answer to the growing need for materials that guarantee high performance, safety and comfort for users, while fully respecting the environment. It is a technology for the realisation of carriageable and non-carriageable paved surfaces, capable of supporting heavy loads, that does not fall within the traditional category of compacting and stabilising materials, which require periodical intervention for maintenance.

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Biostrasse is capable of sustaining heavy loads; since it has no plastic materials, it is not subject to sinking or swelling. It is particularly resistant to atmospheric agents, chlorides and anti-freeze treatments. It can also be laid in areas with rigid temperatures (starting from + 5°) and in addition to making the pavement permeable, the presence of microscopic air bubbles in the screed guarantees significant reduction of noise due to rolling wheels.

  • Heavy loads resistance
  • Low wear
  • Doesn't contain plastic materials
  • Grass and roots resistant
  • Chlorides resistant
  • Salt spray resistant
  • Acids resistant
  • Non flammable
  • Reduces tire rolling noise
  • Non thermal



The total absence of substances derived from fossil carbon free Biostrasse from international speculation on these raw materials. Additionally, no reinforcement or dilation joints are required. It requires limited banking and has an extremely low index of wear and tear, thereby requiring less intervention for maintenance. The single layer installation and the use of traditional machinery contribute to the significant reduction in costs and realisation time.

  • Applied cold
  • Requires no dilation joints
  • Requires no curbing
  • Requires no reinforcement
  • Single layer screed (rapid spreading)
  • High resistance to wear and tear
  • Simple maintenance
  • Can be processed with traditional machinery
  • Reduces the road superstructure
  • Structural fibres and micro-fibres can be
    added to increase flexibility
  • Reduction of the network for drainage of rainwater
  • High friction coefficient values



Biostrasse pavements are coloured throughout the thickness with natural pigments. The use of light shades of colour improves nighttime visibility, improving the safety of users and reducing illumination costs. Permeability and drainage of paving realised with Biostrasse eliminate the effect of aquaplaning and the pulverisation of water caused by moving vehicles. The porosity of Biostrasse paving increases the traction and adherence of tyres.

  • Optimal adherence
  • Light shades of colour for improved visibility
  • Permeable/draining
  • Eliminates aquaplaning
  • Eliminates the pulverisation of rainwater
  • Reduces reflection of headlights in the event of rain

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  • Aggregates
  • Cement
  • Water
  • Biostrasse
  • Pigments


  • Crushed and washed quarry aggregates for superstructures
  • Sand 0/6; clean gravel 4/8; clean gravel up to 16 mm
  • Equivalent in sand above 82
  • Portland Cement 42.5 R


Comparative table of technical characteristics of Biostrasse and bitumen
Comparazione tra Bitume e Biostrasse
Technical characteristics Biostrasse Bitumen
Athermic (does not accumulate or propagate heat) yes no
Non-inflammable yes no
Can be laid in rigid environmental conditions (up to + 5°) yes no
Good resistance under extreme environmental conditions yes no
Coloured throughout the thickness of the screed yes no
The colour can be reproduced even after a long period of time yes no
Does not require specialised workers for maintenance yes no
High resistance to wear and tear yes no
Permeable yes no
Can be laid cold in a single layer (thickness 5-10 cm) yes no
Reduced banking necessary without electro-welded mesh yes no
Does not create sinking and/or swelling (*) yes no
Does not require collection and drainage channels yes no
Possibilità di colorazioni a richiesta yes yes(**)
Can be coloured according to customers' requests yes no
Carrabilità traffico leggero entro 48 ore (con temperature estive) yes no
Can be laid by a traditional construction company(***) yes no
(*) with road base realised in accordance with the law
(**) with great limitations
(***) through the rental of specific machinery, including operators